Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam

Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam

Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam  It is very rare that someone comes along with just the right amount of personality the right amount of talent, the charisma the style the courage and most importantly the passion to excel at something. from more information to see it
In College though, his friends encouraged him to sing. He took part in many singing competitions in college and won them. He was boosted by these competitions and decided to record from his own pocket money. That’s how Aadat happened. The song Aadat Habit in English was recorded by Atif as part of a band. However the band called Jal soon went their separate ways even before the release of their first album. The song and the video were surrounded by a lot of controversies. Amongst all the uncertainty Atif Aslam decided to continue his career as a solo artist. Many believed that a non-existent artist that has one song to his credit would not be able to survive on his own. Atif was determined to prove everyone wrong.


Atif soon realized that it was time to take his music to a global platform. He started his career playback singer in Bollywood with the song Wo Lamhey for the movie Zeher The song Wo Lamhey was a commercial version of the song Bheegi Yaadein from Atif’s first album. The movie came out in 2005 and Atif’s voice became an instant hit with the Indian audience. The music listeners of India are exposed to hundreds of voices and thousands of songs each year but among all those voices, Atif Aslam’s voice stood out and made a connection The remix version of Wo Lamhe (also sung by Atif) was even a bigger hit then the original. With just one track Atif had conquered the highly competitive Indian play back singing empire. The artist soon went to India to perform several times. He was received by screaming fans and admirers that had fallen in love with the voice of a Pakistani boy.

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