From Deewana to Dilwale, SRK's journey has been 23 years long

From Deewana to Dilwale, SRK’s journey has been 23 years long

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From Deewana to Dilwale, SRK’s journey has been 23 years long  .

For an actor who is now romancing a third generation of heroines, the word ‘ageless’ comes to mind. But the truth is that Shah Rukh Khan has been in the business of wooing lovely ladies, saving the world and delivering the occasional beating to the baddies for 23 long years. His first release wasDeewana (1992).He tweeted the same in a celebratory tweet today.Spent the day in the arms of my lil ones,maybe the best way to celebrate so many years in the hearts of all of u.This was enough prompt for fans to begin celebrations of their ownSome were nostalgic, digging up old kremind fans of his earlier glory days.Some listed a few of his other achievements.Others quoted his life motto that helped him along his journey.From Deewana to Dilwale, SRK's journey has been 23 years longAnd a few people were just glad to be part of his.One spelled out the cause for celebration clearly.It’s not the longevity, but the consistency, of his career that is worthy of applause.In the 24th year of his career, SRK is working on three films – Raees, in which he’s our beloved Mahira Khan’s leading man; Dilwale, in which he’ll romance Kajol once again and Aditya Chopra’s Fan. His admirers can’t wait to see them.Art and culture thrives where is peace and tolerance. Dear Shahrukh keep growing, India will always shower love on you.SRK is a talented actor who has perfected the art. We should value SRK, Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor and many others for their performance regardless of religion, nationality. Entertainers like researchers have and should not have defined borders.The SRK magic has died out a long time ago. This is the reason why we have nonsensical movies like Billoo, Chennai Exp, Happy New year etc right now. SRK, please retire now and preserve your legacy. If the current trend continues, you will reduce it to even more of a mockery. And stop spreading your arms at the drop of a hat, that was considered romantic only for a few days in the 90s.

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