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Jurm Bolta Hai – Watch Online latest Jurm Bolta Hai Talk Shows. Find daily updated Jurm Bolta Hai programs Videos and popular TV Talk Shows, get complete new and old episodes of Jurm Bolta Hai programs for our regular users from around the web and make comments online. Jurm bolta hai by Fizza Saleem is a recent show presented by ARY NEWS Channel; it is hosted by very talented anchor Fizza Saleem.Jurm Bolta Hai The purpose of this show is of high lightening the ongoing issues and street crimes in PAKISTAN regarding Current happenings, social issues etc. Different celebrities come in this show and talk on these issues and give their opinions and suggestions. A new term to define JURM (crime). In very short time this show as has earned high rating and become one of most watched show of ARY NEWS Channel You can watch this show 5 days a week from MONDAY TO FRIDAY at 7pm to 8pm only on ARY NEWS its one hour show. hqdefaultWatch Jurm Bolta Hai (Lahore: Khane Peene Ki Cheezon Mein Milawat Karne Walo Ke Liye Warning..!!)Jurm Bolta Hai Fiza Saleem presents a fresh episode of Jurm Bolta Hai on Ary News.The incident took place when the Jurm Bolta Hai team, while fulfilling its journalistic responsibilities, arrived at the Police Station with court orders to file a case against the kidnapping of a girlJurm Bolta Hai .Shahid Gujjar, SHO of Shahidra Police Station, misbehaved with the crew and broke the microphone and the logo of ARY News.Shahid Gujjar also attacked the cameraman in a bid to snatch camera from him.Jurm Bolta Hai team is still confined inside the Police station while the SHO was reported to be having tea.LAHORE: The coverage team of ARY News program, ‘Jurm Bolta Hai’ was held hostage by SHO of Shahidra Police Station here on Tuesday – ARY News reports.Crime and lawlessness is touching its pinnacles in this society.Jurm Bolta Hai Jurm Bolta Hai has made its responsibility to point out the injustice, loud and clear to help raise the victim’s voice.

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