No unregistered madressah sealed in Karachi

No unregistered madressah sealed in Karachi

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No unregistered madressah sealed in Karachi many other districts.

At least 579 unregistered madressahs  dozens of them being allegedly involved in extremism No unregistered madressah sealed in Karachi have been functioning in Karachi besides hundreds of others elsewhere in the province but the law-enforcers appear to be reluctant to take action against them because of the street power many of them wield and the support they get from religious groups and parties, according to officials.

The progress was reviewed at the latest meeting of the apex committee which discussed the issue threadbare and such figures disappointed both Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Corps Commander Lt Gen Naveed Mukhtar who said the situation should have been much better than what was being presented before them.A report prepared by the Sindh Police and submitted to the home department shows that just 167 unregistered madressahs 139 in Hyderabad and 28 in Benazirabad. The report identified a total of 4,021 madressahs in Sindh. Of them, 2,598 were registered and 1,423 unregistered.No unregistered madressah sealed in Karachi

But the report mentioned that a list of unregistered madressahs was still being prepared by police.Officials said they had sealed 139 out of 286 unregistered madressahs in Hyderabad and 28 out of 61 in Benazirabad. No unregistered madressah sealed in Karachi None of over 1,200 unregistered madressahs elsewhere in Sindh, which included 559 unregistered madressahs only in Karachi West, have been touched so far.An official requesting anonymity told Dawn that the reluctance shown by the officials taking action against seminaries in Karachi and certain madressahs elsewhere in Sindh was because of the street power which a number of those seminaries manifested from time to time in the past and were considered to be the ‘reserve force’ for certain religious groups and parties. source by

Ten out of 663 foreign students are found to be enrolled with unregistered madressahs, according to the report.The closure of only 28 unregistered seminaries in Benazirabad and 139 in Hyderabad since the launch of a province-wide operation against 1423 unregistered seminaries has displeased the authorities.

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