Ufone Ramadan Packages and Alerts 2015

Ufone Ramadan Packages and Alerts 2015   Ufone Ramazan offer is also valid from Sahar to Iftaar i.e 4 AM to 7:30 PM and it gives unlimited calls to all Ufone, PTCL and Vfone numbers for Rs. 4.78 (including tax) per day. Although, call charges of 10 Paisa + tax per call will be charged as said by the company. You can dial *4# to subscribe to the offer from 1st Ramazan till 27th Ramazan 2015 and it will automatically resubscribe at midnight. To unsubscribe the offer, dial *2745# Call charges of 10 Paisa + tax/call will be charged.https://www.pakinfos.com/Ufone Ramazan Alerts: Ufone is also giving daily alerts for Sahr and Iftar, daily prayers, Hadees, Ayaat and Masnoon dua’s for free. You this you are required to dial *1# to subscribe to the alerts.Ufone’s packages and services are tailored to all occasions and they satisfy a variety of your needs. During the holy month of Ramzan, Ufone has the perfect companion for all of you in the shape of the Ramzan Service.This time Ufone is the only one giving you daily alerts for Sahr and Iftar, daily prayers, Hadees and Ayaat and Masnoon dua’s totally FREE! All you have to do is dial *1# to subscribe make the most of this Ramzan with Ufone, absolutely free of cost.Subscribe to the Ramzan Service today and make your Ramzan a celebration of togetherness and harmony, only with Ufone because for us, it’s all about U!https://www.pakinfos.com/ Ufone-Faisalabad-Offer Ufone-Ramadan-Offer Ufone-Ramadan-Quiz-Offer1 Ufone-Ramzan-Discount-580x290

Terms and Conditions–                                                                                                                                                                Ufone will not be responsible for any misinformation communicated via the offered services which include SMS Alerts, Pull, IVR and Video Streaming

  • This service is valid for all Ufone customers
  • This service is valid only for the month of Ramzan
  • 19.5% FED on usage and other taxes on bill/recharge apply.
  • In Islamabad, AJK, Balochistan, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA 18.5% FED and other taxes on bill/recharge will apply.
  • Your SIM is your identity, only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA

– See more at: http://www.ufone.com/vas/Islamic/Ramzan-Service/#sthash.j0FK7DJl.dpuf

Things not to put on your resume

Things not to put on your resume 

Most should be aware that people in charge of reviewing your resume only take a quick glance at it before they move on to the next one one simple unpleasing anecdote, and your resume will find itself in trash. Therefore you must set up your resume in a fashion where any bit of unprofessionalism is nonexistent. There are simply certain things that many people incorporate in their resumes that simply have no place  to many not including these things may seem like common sense but many still continue to add them in. Here are some things to NOT include in your resumes.Things not to put on your resume

Private Information

Private information includes anything beyond your contact information  phone numbers, e-mail, and address. Things like marital status age race ethnicity etc. simply put it’s anything that could be used to discriminate against you. Photographs are another item in this criterion you want to stay away from incorporating.

Irrelevant Work Experience

This is a tricky scenario; on one hand, displaying experience in various avenues could work well for you as it will make you look versatile, but on the other hand, placing it in to fill in the empty space will only work against you. The best way to go about this is to only include your 2-3 (great) experiences from your recent past; if you are of a significant age, say 30, and you’ve had numerous jobs since you were the age of 18, then you simply want to stay away from inserting the early job experiences you may have had. You can discuss your past experiences in more detail if/when you get asked about it during the face to face interview.

Unprofessional E-mail Address

We all have that email address from our younger days that we simply can’t let go is not a phrase your potential future employer wants to see. Stick to the basics; simplify your email address to your proper name and a decent domain name.

Current Business Contact Information

Jumping from one job to another is an experience that will be faced by most people. But, the last thing you want to do is make your current employer aware of your intentions. This could be your office e-mail ID and office phone number – most employers can access all your office emails and receiving a phone call from a potential future employer while you are at work is like asking to be fired.Things not to put on your resume

Salary Information

Including this information on the resume used to be quite a thing but it’s considered repulsive by today’s standard. Most jobs you will be applying to will display how much they are offering right from the get go so for you to have your desired salary in your resume just comes off as arrogant. You might get the chance to negotiate your desired salary during the interview so save this conversation for then. Only include it if it is asked!

Boring Fonts

The main idea behind this tip is to avoid using the overly typical sans serif fonts these are your Arial and Helvetica. Many recommend using Times New Roman but this font is now overly used and too commonly seen. Calibri,Garamond, and Georgia are a few great professional alternatives worth trying out instead.

Cockroach robot uses shell to overcome obstacles

Cockroach robot uses shell to overcome obstacles

US-based researchers have created a robot that can use its body shape to move through a densely cluttered environment. The team from the University of California Berkeley based the robot on the humble cockroach and hope their design could be used to inspire future robot designs for use in monitoring the environment and search and rescue operations.The Berkeley team led by postdoctoral researcher Chen Li designed the shell so it could perform a roll maneuver to slip through gaps between grass-like vertical beam obstacles without the need for additional sensors or motors.Cockroach robot uses shell to overcome obstaclesThe initial test results of the robot’s performance are published in IOP Publishing’s journal Bioinspiration & Biomimetics released on Tuesday (June 23).Other terrestrial robots have been developed with the ability to avoid obstacles but few have been designed to traverse them.Researchers used high-speed cameras to study the movement of Blaberus discoidalis, otherwise known as the discoid cockroach, through an artificial obstacle course containing grass-like vertical beams with small spacing. Living on the floor of tropical rainforests, the Blaberus encounters a wide variety of cluttered obstacles such as blades of grass shrubs leaf litter tree trunks and fungi.Cockroach robot uses shell to overcome obstaclesAfter examining the cockroaches the researchers tested their small rectangular six-legged robot and observed whether it was able to traverse a similar obstacle course. They found that with a rectangular body the robot could not often traverse the grass-like beams and frequently collided with the obstacles regularly becoming stuck.When the robot was fitted with the streamlined shell it was much more likely to successfully move through the obstacle course using a similar roll maneuver to the cockroaches. This adaptive behavior came about with no change to the robot programming, showing that the behavior came from the shell itself.According to Li our next steps will be to study a diversity of terrain and animal shapes to discover more terradynamic shapes, and even morphing shapes. These new concepts will enable terrestrial robots to go through various cluttered environments with minimal sensors and simple controls.


Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho review- This comedy is boring and endlessly drags

Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho review- This comedy is boring and endlessly drags   

Don’t discount the importance of good beginnings. The first 20 minutes of Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho is anything but a model of clarity.The following happens in that period: Pradhan (Annu Kapoor) an influential Khap Panchayat member searches for his missing wife in a village fair who secretly gone to meet her lover Arjun (Rahul Bagga) the same fair also hosting a beauty pageant for erm buffaloes Arjun and his friends bump into Pandit Ravi Kishanas Bheema (Sanjay Mishra) a cross between a priest and a quack who is trying to convince the onlookers that the teenage girl sitting decked up on stage is an avatar of almighty. Pradhan then goes to the same charlatan later in the night to find a cure for his impotency in between there’s also a scene featuring a shopkeeper selling bras to women who don’t know their bra size by hesitantly looking at their breasts.These disconnected scenes share one common characteristic though more information to see here they try hard to be funny. And this is a common refrain of the film too its attempts at being a comedy are strained because that end is often reached by compromising common sense a logical story and convincing characters.So early in the film we know that Arjun is having an affair with Pradhan’s wife Maya (Hrishita Bhatt) but instead of meeting secretly to avoid her husband’s wrath they roam freely together, quite literally in broad daylight like two teenagers recently hit by puberty. The two of them are caught, and an extended sequence is forced out of this plot point.Now since this film is supposed to be a comedy we have a scene where Pandit, whispering into a skull and invoking a malevolent spirit advises Pradhan to procure dirt from Arjun’s feet and his stool sample.You wonder why Pradhan who appears resourceful enough to come up with a devious plan of his own would fall for such a stupid trick. You wonder why Arjun who dotes on his younger sister should leave her wedding to meet Maya an encounter that’s both risky and less important than his sister’s marriage.Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho review- This comedy is boring and endlessly drags

Film characters can of course be stupid and not make sense however in Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho their stupidity is not a function of who they are but an attempt to appear needlessly funny.

Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho review- This comedy is boring and endlessly drags    There’s so much that doesn’t make sense in Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho. For the good first hour you have absolutely no clue where its story is headed. How many times will we watch a film revolving around an old and affluent husband his considerably young and disinterested wife and her scared love interest

It’s only around the film’s halfway mark that its story changes track and tells us what it’s really about. When Pradhan fails to harm Arjun, he implicates him in a false case: the latter’s accused of raping a buffalo. This bizarre plot turn comes across as pleasant surprise because its ripe material for satire which this film really wants to be, but you wonder what took so long for director Vinod Kapri to come to this point.

It is famously said that a story should have a beginning, a middle and an end but not necessarily in that order and this quote is true for this film as well. Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho is centered on a plot that’s essentially a distilled version of facts are stranger than fiction.

It needed a better-structured screenplay: one that juggled mirth and gloom to paint a riveting picture of our hinterland’s depravity and eccentricity. This way it could comment on the darkly comical absurdity of Indian life. But Kapri sees his film as a series of overlong gags and it’s no wonder that they frequently come in the way of a compelling story.

Even after Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho’s main plot point is introduced there’s barely any perceptible change in the film. It continues to drag unnecessarily without any bite and humour. All the glaring flaws of the first half unnecessarily long and comprehensively illogical scenes that are desperately trying to be funny—are present in the second half as well.https://www.pakinfos.com/

The dialogues’ are clunky the plot points are convenient and characters’ motivations well who are we kidding The biggest disappointment in Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho is that unlike other mediocre Bollywood films it held a lot of promise it could have said so much and so easily about the kind of people we are slowly becoming about us being buffoons living gratuitously serious lives. But then Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho is not the first film to have got lost in the haze between intent and execution.

Kaushal-Prasad skittle Pakistan in second Test

Kaushal-Prasad skittle Pakistan in second Test                         Young off-spinner Tharindu Kaushal grabbed five wickets as Sri Lanka bundled out Pakistan for 138 on the opening day of the second Test against Sri Lanka in Colombo on Thursday.Seamer Dhammika Prasad chipped in with three wickets as the tourists collapsed in 42.5 overs by tea after skipper Misbah-ul Haq elected to bat on a fresh bouncy pitch at the P.click here to homepage Sara Oval.Kaushal-Prasad skittle Pakistan in second TestSri Lanka looking for a series-levelling win after losing the first Test in Galle by 10 wickets were 70 for one at stumps and well set to build a big first innings lead.Kumar Sangakkara was unbeaten on 18 and Kaushal Silva was on 21 after Dimuth Karunaratne was caught behind for 28 while trying to slash a wide ball from seamer Junaid Khan.Kaushal-Prasad skittle Pakistan in second Test  Kaushal a 22-year-old playing only his second Test match finished with five for 42 runs in 10.5 overs of accurate spin bowling in helpful conditions.It was good to bowl on this wicket said Kaushal who regards fellow off-spinner and world bowling record holder Muttiah Muralitharan as his hero.I occasionally bowled the doosra and even managed to pick up a wicket with it. I am happy I was able to help the team do well on the field he added.Mohammad Hafeez top-scored with 42 as Pakistan lost eight wickets in the afternoon session after resuming at the lunch score of 70 for two.More information to see here


PM Nawaz discuss Nisar to BBC report on MQM

PM Nawaz discuss Nisar to BBC report on MQM   Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met with Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday at the PM House.According to sources Prime Minister Sharif and Interior Minister Nisar discussed the murder case of Dr Imran Farooq and allegations leveled in a BBC report pertaining to Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) receiving funding from India.On Wednesday a report by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) quoting an authoritative Pakistani source claims senior officials in MQM in formal recorded interviews told authorities in the UK they had received funds from the Indian government PM Nawaz discuss Nisar to BBC report on MQM.click here to homepage The report by Owen Benett-Jones states the BBC was informed by a Pakistani official that over the last 10 years hundreds of MQM militants had been trained by India in explosives weapons and sabotag. The training was taking place in camps in north and north-east India.According to the report prior to 2005-06 training was provided to mid-ranking MQM members while in recent years it was also provided to junior party members.A list of weapons was also found at a MQM owned property by UK authorities.When the BBC asked the Indian government about MQM members being trained in India it termed this completely baseless while an MQM official said the party would not comment on rumours.

In a statement following the broadcast of the report the MQM rejected all allegations against it. MQM is a peace-loving political party that believes in the unity and integrity of Pakistan said a statement by the party’s Rabita (Coordination) Committee.

The statement said that the allegations leveled against the MQM were not new.

Discussions were also held on whether to approach British authorities over the BBC report.PM Nawaz discuss Nisar to BBC report on MQM

The meeting was also attended by PM’ Special Advisor Tariq Fatemi.

Earlier Pakistan’s Foreign Office said the BCC report was being reviewed. The spokesman said first the case would be carefully studied by all concerned departments before arriving at any conclusion.

More information to see here



economic growth disappoints of india

economic growth disappoints of india         The economy grew at an annual rate of 4.6% between January and March below analysts forecasts and the same pace as the previous quarter.Asia’s third-largest economy has been weighed down in recent years by high inflation a weak currency and a fall in foreign investment. slow credit growth, and sentiment made more pessimistic by the rupee’s volatility said Bill Adams at PNC Financial Services Group.Two years ago,  The economy grew at an annual rate of 4.6% between January This level of growth is needed to provide enough jobs for India’s growing population – economists estimate 10 million jobs need to be created each year.economic growth disappoints of indiaThe last government failed to meet that target data shows that between 2004-05 and 2011-12 just 53 million jobs were created.However many economists are upbeat and expect growth to increase and more jobs to be created on the back of Mr Modi’s election.As soon as investors see the first signals of growth supportive policies you will see a definite turnaround on the ground  said Adi Godrej chairman of the Godrej group.Spending on infrastructure is expected to increase significantly in the coming months a stimulus that should help boost growth towards in the end of the year analysts say.India’s slowing growth was the nail in the coffin of the last government.For the full 2013-14 financial year growth was 4.7% the second straight year of sub-5% expansion.The manufacturing sector contracted at an annualised rate of 1.4% over the quarter while the mining sector shrank by 0.4%. Offsetting this was a 6.3% growth in the agricultural sector.economic growth disappoints of india

“The quarter weak growth was mostly due to weakness in investment held back by last year spike in interest rates slow credit growth and sentiment made more pessimistic by the rupee volatility said Bill Adams at PNC Financial Services Group.

PP 97 By Poll Result PTI Supported Nasir Cheema Wins on Bicycle

PP 97 By Poll Result PTI Supported Nasir Cheema Wins on Bicycle       Gujranwala (Sunday June 21, 2015) Today in Ghakkar Mandi And Qila Didar Singh By election held on 33 polling stations of PP-97 Constituency. Ch. Muhammad Nasir Cheema was contesting on Bicycle election symbol While PMLN candidate was Muhammad Ashraf Wariach. According to latest result announced in 33 P/S Following picture has appeared                                                                Polling Station Wise Result Update

Nasir Cheema Votes – 10057

Ashraf Waraich Votes – 9617

Today Difference of Votes – 440 Votes

In remaining 87 Polling Station Obtained Votes of both candidates were –

Nasir Cheema (Bicycle)  – 17124 Votes

Ashraf Waraich (Tiger) – 16250 Votes

Ghakkar Mandi (News Update Sun, Jun 21, 2015) – Today by election held on 33 polling stations of PP-97 Gujranwala. Contest is between two parties. One is Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and Other is Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. wining.Candidate of PMLN is ashraf Waraich While Candidate of PTI is Nasir Cheema. Polling time has ended and now counting of votes are begin. In 87 Polling Stations PTI supported Nasir Chema is leading securing 17124 Votes While PMLN Ashraf Waraich obtained 16250 Votes.PP 97 By Poll Result PTI Supported Nasir Cheema Wins on Bicycle

Time – Polling Station Name/No.   Nasir Cheema (PTI) Votes  Ashraf Waraich (PMLN) Votes

In 87 Polling Station result Polled on May 11 2013. Votes Obtained by Both Candidates .Total Polling Stations.Thus Nasir Cheema is 874 Votes ahead. PLMN Candidate should get 874 votes extra in 33 polling station of today election.

06:05 PM Polling Station  9 (PTI=496, PMLN=412)

Polling Station # 4 PTI- 152, PMLN=648
Polling Station # 5 PTI -383, PMLN=333
Polling Station # 8 PTI -291, PMLN=322
Polling Station # 17 PTI – PMLN=600
Polling Station # 81 PTI -348, PMLN=329
Polling Station # 82 PTI -107, PMLN=159
Polling Station # 105 PTI -302, PMLN=?
Polling Station # 106 PTI -348, PMLN=339
Polling Station # 110 PTI -273, PMLN=216
Polling Station # 113 PTI -459, PMLN=340

06:25PM Total Result Announced in Polling stations = 10/33
PMLN’ Ashraf Waraich = 2928 (leading)
PTI’s Supported Nasir Cheema = 2083 (Lagging)

06:40PM Total Result Announced in Polling stations = 18/33
PTI’s Supported Nasir Cheema = 4525 (Leading)
PMLN’ Ashraf Waraich = 3740 (lagging)

Final Result

08:15PM Total Result Announced in Polling stations = 33/33
PTI’s Supported Nasir Cheema = 10057 (Winner)
PMLN’ Ashraf Waraich = 9627 (Loser)

PTCL Offer Free WiFi For Metro Buses

PTCL Offer Free WiFi For Metro Buses  PTCL is offering free internet on all Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro buses and throughout all bus stations on the route, a note available on PTCL website said. Website said that free internet will be offered through WiFi and anyone travelling through recently inaugurated Islamabad Rawalpindi metro service will be able to use the service.PTCL said that its entire free WiFi network is powered by Charji service. Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro bus service was recently inaugurated and it is expected to transport.Given that a huge number of travelers PTCL Offer Free WiFi For Metro Buses almost 40,000 of them per day make it through metro-buses maintaining the quality of Free WiFi is going to be a challenging task for PTCL. PTCL said that its entire free WiFi network is powered by Charji service. Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro bus service was recently inaugurated and it is expected to transport more than 40,000 passengers per day.Website said that free internet will be offered through WiFi and anyone travelling through recently inaugurated Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro service will be able to use the service.Given that a huge number of travellers  almost 40,000 of them per day make it through metro-buses maintaining the quality of Free WiFi is going to be a challenging task for PTCL.PTCL said that its entire free WiFi network is powered by Charji service. Islamabad-Rawalpindi metro bus service.

PTCL is going to offer free WiFi internet in the newly inaugurated Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro-the news is available on PTCL official website. Now travelers will enjoy free WiFi (Charji) services while traveling within twin cities.PTCL Offer Free WiFi For Metro Buses

Providing free WiFi to passengers per day of Metro buses is not an easy task, hence it would be challenging for PTCL to maintain the quality of these services; as we have already heard many complaints about PTCL internet.

Telenor Talkshawk Ramadan Offer 2015

Telenor Talkshawk Ramadan Offer 2015    Telenor has come up with two offers for the month of Ramazan out of which, one is for mobile internet and the other is for calls but nothing for the Telenor Packages are a class of its own on account of the low rates of its subscription and highly excellent quality. Similarly Telenor djuice also offers valuable Telenor call packages for the ease of their subscribers. No matter which ever is the Telenor call package, it is a class of its own on account of the low rates of its subscription and highly excellent quality.Telenor Talkshawk Ramadan Offer 2015 Both of the services of Telenor i.e. djuice and talkshawk provide a wide variety of Telenor call Packages according to the demand, need and budget of the subscriber. We are providing our readers the list of Telenor call packages so that without any wastage of time they can select the Telenor call package of their own choice in a single All of these packages by Telenor are meant for the betterment of the users and for their customized needs and wants. The company has an aim to offer great comfort to the users by allowing them to select from this vast range of packages and then allowing them to subscribe so that they can select whatever package they want according to their needs and wants.glance.                                                                              SMS.Talkshawk Ramazan Offer

From Sehr to Iftaar (midnight to 8 pm) Telenor is giving on-net call rate of Rs. 2 + tax per hour to the Talkshawk customers.In order to subscribe, you can dial *5*128# while the subscription charges for this offer are Rs. 1 + Tax.Telenor Talkshawk Ramadan Offer 2015

ii) Telenor Internet Ramazan Offer.

With this offer, Telenor customers can enjoy 1000MB Internet along with the free access to Telenor Islamic Portal by going to Islamic.telenor.com.pk.

The charges for this offer are Rs. 8 and it is valid from 1 AM at night to 7 PM in the evening.

To subscribe this offer, you can dial *345*139#.