Ramadan Diet Plan For Losing Weight Successfully

Ramadan Diet Plan For Losing Weight Successfully

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Ramadan Diet Plan For Losing Weight Successfully      Fasting in the month of Ramadan is required upon each Muslim and Muslims everywhere throughout the world make exceptional arrangements and take after legitimate rules for this Holy month. Notwithstanding the extreme asking and Quran recitation one other element that is a change contrasted with standard life routine is the eating regimen arrangement.Muslims don’t eat from first light till sunset amid the quick in Ramadan.How can I workout and eat properly while fasting Most people see the blessed month of Ramadan as a time when they will lose strength and muscle mass; some think they can only maintain themselves during this month while many women actually gain weight If you use some of the strategies I am about to share with you you can make some of your best gains during Ramadan.First of  look at what happens to your body during Ramadan. While you are fasting you become ore dehydrated at rest  but actually less than if you had exercised aerobically for over an hour so exercise causes greater dehydration for that time period versus fasting. Your main metabolic fuel source for bodily function during fasting is mainly fat which is a good thing. So the goals during Ramadan are to maximize metabolism even though your metabolism will slow down due to less frequent meals preserve and enhance as much lean muscle mass as possible which will inherently increase metabolic rate and allow you to burn more calories at rest and maximize your workout both cardio and weight training. During Ramadan depending on your goals I really recommend that you limit cardio to 2 days a week at the most. This is again to preserve as much lean muscle tissue as possible.Ramadan Diet Plan For Losing Weight Successfully

A good two liters or eight glasses of fluids a day will suffice and it can be broken down like this

Two glasses at iftar the breaking of the fast

Four glasses in between iftar and suhur the meal before the fast not more than one glass per hour

Two glasses at suhur

Keep in mind that caffeinated drinks such as coffee or black tea do not count and it would be best to avoid these diuretic drinks all together. Instead, herbal teas make a great alternative to water and may aid your digestion.Ramadan Diet Plan For Losing Weight Successfully

light balanced iftar

In Ramadan your metabolism slows down and your energy needs decrease as a result. The iftar meal isn supposed to make up those hours you spent without food. Forget that you haven eaten all day and imagine you have sat down for your dinner meal and eat accordingly.

Break your fast with dates as they are a quick source of the sugar your body needs after a fast. You dontneed to have more than one date as dates are quite high in sugar. Then go for a small portion of soup such as a vegetable or lentil soup and avoid cream based soups. Follow it with a mixed vegetable salad and limit the amount of olive oil in the dressing to 1-2 teaspoons. Skip all other appetizers including the carbohydrate rich ones.


  • Three Dates and a Nutrition Shake Protein Rush from VPX Sports Lean Body by Labrada or Eat-Smart MRP from iSatori
  • Plenty of waterRamadan Diet Plan For Losing Weight Successfully

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