Overcrowded minibus plunged into a deep gorge in India

Overcrowded minibus plunged into a deep gorge in India, A great already stuffed minibus dropped coming from a Himalayan pile path along with plunged right serious mountainous within India-held Kashmir in Thursday, killing fourteen travellers along with causing yet another 20 damaged, authorities stated. Passenger bus plunges into deep gorge in India-held Kashmir 14 dead […]

Muslim lawmaker from India had ink thrown on him by 3 unidentified men in New Delhi

Within the next strike just a fortnight, an independent Muslim lawmaker from India-held Kashmir, Professional Rashid, received printer ink placed in him or her simply by 3 not known guys in Completely new Delhi in Friday, in accordance with Indian native advertising accounts. “People speak associated with Talibanisation associated with Pakistan, glimpse what exactly is […]