Taliban advance in north Afghanistan seizing district villages

Taliban advance in north Afghanistan seizing district villages


Taliban advance in north Afghanistan seizing district villages. Taliban fighters have gained ground in two provinces in northern Afghanistan, invading a central district of Sar-e-Pol and take advantage of villages in Kunduz, local officials said Tuesday.
Taliban advance in north Afghanistan seizing district villages

Earlier this week, they made a successful effort toward a strategic step on the border with Pakistan, capturing a police base in the province of Badakhshan in the northeast corner of the mountainous country.

Most foreign troops withdrew from Afghanistan in 2014, leaving Afghan forces to combat resistant insurgency with only limited support from the coalition.

The Taliban Afghan forces fought for two days in the province of Sar-e-Pol before capturing Kohestanat district district on Monday night, said the police chief.

“We call for air support but do not receive it, so we left our security forces,” said Asif Jabarkhel, adding that a policeman and two local fighters died in the battle. Police planned to retake the district, he said.

In Kunduz, the Taliban have seized about 70 villages in Khanabad district this week, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said.

More than half of the province is now under Taliban control, according to local authorities. They captured two districts of Kunduz, in June, one of which was quickly recovered by Afghan forces, but the other remains under insurgent control.

The Islamic militant group was ousted from power by a US-led coalition in 2001.

Most American forces left the country last year, but a small contingent of several thousand soldiers remain engaged in antiterrorist combat operations. NATO also runs a training mission two separate years, which will continue until 2016.

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