Wrong No is more like a stereotypical guy flick

Wrong No is more like a stereotypical guy flick


Wrong No is more like a stereotypical guy flick. It is confused about Pakistani film genre? In wrong No, aspiring actor Salu (Danish Taimoor) blocks the horn with his father, Haji Abba (Javed Sheikh), who thinks he is a good for nothing bum. Haji Sallu Abba gives an ultimatum: find a job within a month or preparing to participate in the family trade, ie, be a butcher. Meanwhile, the marriage of Salu is also willing against his will to Laila (Sohai Ali Abro), who despises despite their devotion.
Wrong No is more like a stereotypical guy flick

(Spoiler Alert) All this is too much to take of Salu, which hatches a plan to swap places with his lookalike, Shehreyar, grandson of a wealthy businessman, whose imminent arrival of Australia was broadcast on local television. When Shehreyar landing at Karachi airport, he is mistaken for a leak by Haji Sallu Abba, dragging him home and keep it locked.

Meanwhile, Salu, which confuses Shehreyar by the secretary of the company his grandfather Hague (Janita Asma), is escorted to a suite of a posh hotel. He starts to enjoy the good life, leaving Shehreyar languishing in the grip of his family. How’s that for a switcheroo?

Shehreyar is not only Sallu ticket out of poverty. Three thugs – Danish Nawaz, Jaffri and Atif Nadeem Shah – want to kidnap for ransom to help pay for a substantial loan taken from a mob boss (Shafqat Cheema). The trio soon discovers that the gift is to kidnap Shehreyar for their own benefit.

On the surface, this plot is harmless. The chance of a non-identical twin may not be exactly a plot novel, but the dynamics of the house of Haji Abba is a refreshing departure from the typical families ends of television: the polished shine elegant cloistered in bungalows families Defense and abject poverty stricken counterparts in Kharadar.

The khandaan qassai has its typical characters as the patriarchal Javed Sheikh and his weeping wife and new characters like the silly nephew sister-in-law and constipation. Khandaani mistaken identity and eccentricities made to the type of property benign fun family entertainment.

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It is incorrect Without a family film or a film type?
But the plot of fleshing out, the film deviates in another direction. Packaged in this comedy-drama family are all elements of a typical movie.

There are cartoonish action sequences: Our hero Taimoor has literal Danish steel abs, flies in their acrobatics action throws punches and landing a ‘dhishk’ satisfactory.

There pee jokes potty jokes – body low-brow humor about constipation, circumcision and, er, unspeakable acts. The jokes occasionally veer into R-rated territory, as pimping or pick up prostitutes. These jokes were the guys in the movie let out loud.

They burst out laughing a little when the three jesters enacted a comedy of errors, and they rushed to pay the gift.

In the films of the family waiting healthy entertainment suitable for all audiences. We also expect them to be gender-neutral. Wrong Do not meet expectations.
That was the subplot companion film, and there are a couple of (maybe) Hot Girls: Women in the World ‘No Wrong’ Complement the right frame – the mother crying for a dose of melodrama, the sister silly in law for humorous effect and two love interests, Sohai and Janita, who do everything possible to be-desi sexy.

All this is well and harmless as long as is considered not as a film incorrect type. When the filmmaker insists that it is a movie to watch with their children, that causes concern.

Family Films should not be gender balanced, but it is not wrong No
By identifying a movie so family oriented, certain expectations are set. Family Films are not meant to be boring, but wait, suitable for all audiences wholesome entertainment. We also expect them to be gender-neutral. Wrong Do not meet expectations. This is particularly worrying, given decent box office performance of the film.

Given Yasir Nawaz Director and state family name of the producer Nida Yasir after long careers in television and the popularity of the television cast as actors, it is not surprising that families will see their big screen effort. No producer wrong but have made their full family audience a disservice with their advertising.

Wrong No woman has no job, except Hague, which chaperones grandson of the chief. Have it carry some files does not make working women that young people can identify.
In a film that delivers almost no discernible message other than ‘Parents should listen to their children more often’ – that too, very fine – and offers two hours of pure lightness – which is its core strength – a lot less than desirable notions about women who run rampant in society are reinforced.

Once, Salu Laila tells a besotted, “Women should not open his mouth if their faces are not enough, if their accents are not pleasant or if their numbers are not good.” Not only it is meaningless dialogue but sends the notion that men can dictate when women talk and it is the job of a woman to adapt your car to a nice man.

No working women, except knucklehead Hague, whose job responsibilities include chaperoning grandson of the chief to eat and to the movies. Are women in the professional environment no longer able to do a little more care? Have it carry some files does not make working women that young people can identify.

The list of complaints could go on, but the fact of the matter is:

Women out of action are the main features in almost guy movies – and oppose the occurrence is bashing the genre itself – but its presence in the family film, which must be balanced in gender, should not be accepted.

to sum up
There are all kinds of people, so there should be all kinds of movies: Shaan testosterone-fueled starrers as WAAR and Yalghaar, romantic dramas that viewers seem to be suckers for as Bin Roye and Dekh Magar Pyaar Se, and comedy films like Lahore and Karachi is Wrong No. But family label must be applied with caution.

We can not say that a movie is fun for the whole family, just from the sale of major inputs. And we can not justify the label saying Bollywood is worse. We are trying to forge our own identity as the cinema and the world is watching. The Guardian is doubting the capabilities of ‘Urdu film’ based on deep plot of Bin Roye. So does the whole industry a disservice when one movie makes a bad choice.

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